Amazing Golden Age Adventure Funnies #1!

52 full-color pages you can hold in your hands! Featuring the greatest stars of the golden age of comics (and the stars of Project: Superpowers):

  • The Black Terror from America’s Best Comics #14 (July 1945)
  • Captain Future from Startling Comics #37 (January 1946)
  • The Golden Age Daredevil from Daredevil Comics #28 (January 1945)
  • Dynamic Man from Dynamic Comics #15 (July 1945)
  • The Flame from Wonderworld Comics #25 (May 1941)
  • Yankee Boy in a 1-page text story from Yankee Comics #4 (March 1942)
  • And a gallery of covers from the original comics!!

52 pages | full color | 6.75 x 10.25 | $6.99
Available at IndyPlanet.

Check out these preview pages to see what it all looks like!

Read the full 16-page Golden Age Daredevil story!!

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